Conductive Education services for Kids and Adults


The conductive education assessment may detect signs of motor skills disorder in early age. Starting Conductive Education can make a difference.

Daily / Intensive

Parent & child groups 3h/day (6 months to 3 years old)

Involve parent care to work closely with the child and teach them how to integrate new skill within the home environment and the daily routine

Teach and encourage the toddler to develop skills appropriate to their age and abilities

Early intervention group 4h/day (3 - 6 years old)

The main focus is on allowing children to learn and develop social physical and daily living skills independently from parents with other children while providing motivating playful environment

after school program 2h/day (7 - 14 / 14+)

Children are challenged to gain more independent in every developmental area and to keep them physically as active as possible

Individual session 1-3h/day - all ages

Adult session (2 -2.5h/day)

CE can help control physical symptoms and work on reducing possible secondary symptoms. It offers practical techniques designed to overcome everyday problems

  • Parkinson
  • Stroke
  • Multiplex sclerosis
  • CP
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Intensive CE group session (max 4 candidates - some conditions apply)

    Intensive Summer Camp

    what conductive Education is about- youtube-videos
  • Video-1
  • Video-2
  • Video-3
  • Video-4


    Individual assessment + recommendation=> $100 plus tax (1.5h)

    Group session kids 45$/hour + HST (13%)

    Individual session ( Adults-Kids) 60$/hour + HST (13%)

    payment can be made in cash - personal check- E-tranfer to Prices are subject to change

    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

    the following assessment questionnaire should be filled out to allow our staff to perform a pre-evaluation in order to have a better understanding of your, or your child's needs.

    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire-Children
    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire-Adults-Stroke
    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire-Adults-Parkinson
    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire-Multiple Sclerosis
    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire-Cerebral Palsy
    MS-Word format

    Pre-Assessment Children
    Pre-Assessment Adults-Stroke
    Pre-Assessment Adults-Parkinson
    Pre-Assessment Multiple Sclerosis
    Pre-Assessment Cerebral Palsy