Early Intervention program

"Your child is capable of things no one can predict."

The first four years are crucial for body and brain development. Children learn by experience and movement which is a necessary part of learning. Babies with lack of mobility don't get the chance to explore and learn. We believe in the importance of early intervention to prevent future challenges and to help achieve greater function at a younger age . Our program can help as early as 6 month of age. If you have any concern about your child's development do not wait. The sooner the intervention starts the earlier families will learn that progress can always be made.


The conductive education assessment may detect signs of motor skills disorder in early age. Starting Conductive Education can make a difference.Email us at Angelnbutterflies@gmail.com today to book an appointment

Daily / Intensive Session

"There is no Limit to learning, reach your potential"

Active Start (1-1.5 hours/day) for 6 month to 1 year

Focus on: parent education
catching up on developmental milestones
sensory development
building strength through play and music

Learn to MOVE and play with parents:(2.5-3 hours /day) 1 - 3 years old

Plant the seeds of a CE lifestyle
Learn the basic movements
Lots of opportunities to learn to explore, move, touch, feel

Show me what I CAN do:(4 hours/day) 3-6 years old

Learn, develop social, physical and daily living skills independently
Weekly topics, academic program built into the daily program
Benefit from problem-solving, exploring and socializing

I CAN do it : school/ after school program:( 2-4 hour/day )school age

Promoting more independence
keeping them active
strengthening their belief in their abilities.
SDR Group:
Focusing on strengthening exercises and functional mobility after SDR ( selective dorsal rhizotomy))surgery

Individual session 1-3h/day - all ages

Intensive Summer Camp

Adult session (2 -2.5h/day)

CE can help control physical symptoms and work on reducing possible secondary symptoms. It offers practical techniques designed to overcome everyday problems

  • Parkinson
  • Stroke
  • Multiplex sclerosis
  • CP
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Intensive CE group session (max 4 candidates - some conditions apply)

    what conductive Education is about- youtube-videos
  • Video-1
  • Video-2
  • Video-3
  • Video-4


    Individual assessment + recommendation=> $100 plus tax (1.5h)

    Group session kids 45$/hour + HST (13%)

    Individual session ( Adults-Kids) 70$/hour + HST (13%)

    Intensive march and summer camp (4h/ day 5 days a week) 850$ per week + HST (13%) Payment can be made: - cash - personal check - E-tranfer to angelnbutterflies@gmail.com Prices are subject to change